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I am new to memSQL. I try to install a single server and test this system, but I find that I can only deploy a cluster. Even on a single machine, there must be at least two nodes. Is this the special design of memSQL? Even a simple workload has to go through the network? Where can I find the document to justify this design?

Thank you.

We have a couple of ways to get started with MemSQL. They can be found in our documentation under the “How to Deploy MemSQL” guide (which is under the Guides section of the docs).

  1. Cluster in a box
    The simplest way to download and try out MemSQL is the “Cluster in a box” model using a docker container. The docs to download and use the container are located here:

  2. Single box deployment on Linux
    If you don’t want to use Docker and have a Linux box you can install MemSQL on a single host. This page has the instructions:

  3. MemSQL Helios (managed service)
    A third option is to spin up a cluster in MemSQL Helios our managed service. We offer a free 8 hour trial that is a great way to get a feel for how MemSQL works. If you want more time you can put in a credit card and pay only for the time you have the cluster up.

There are a lot of cool videos on the official channel here

@c8guo Welcome to MemSQL. I’m glad you’re giving it a try.

The MemSQL architecture is specifically distributed to be able to scale horizontally, so even the minimum configuration has two nodes: one aggregator that receives and distributes the queries, and one leaf node that stores data in partitions.

If you’d like to get started with MemSQL without a lot of setup, here’s some quick tutorials to get you started:

These aren’t the only ways to spin up a MemSQL Cluster, but these are some really cool, easy ways to jump in.