How to upgrade to SingleStore7.3 using memsql-ops?

Hi, I’d like to upgrade to SingleStore 7.3.
When I upgraded using SingleStore tools, everything did perfect.
But I tried to use memsql-ops, I met below error message.

$ memsql-ops memsql-upgrade --version 7.3
Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: Unable to get the locale encoding
LookupError: unknown encoding: EUC-KR

I thought that the error was caused terminal encoding, but it wasn’t.
How to use memsql-ops for upgrade?

Thank you in advance.

ops still works against memsql 7.3 (though it won’t be supported in the near future).

I’m not sure about the error your getting, but if you’re going to specify a version you need to give a 3-part version number.

Does this work:

memsql-ops memsql-upgrade --version 7.3.2

I get a better error when I type your command though:

master-agg-ip-10-0-2-107 /home/admin $ memsql-ops memsql-upgrade --version 7.3
Could not get the latest binary of MemSQL with version 7.3: There are no MEMSQL files available.

So potentially this is the root of the issue.