How to use third party API in external function

I am trying to call an third API by using CREATE LINK and CREATE EXTERNAL FUNCTION.
But it isn’t very clear to understand in your documentation how this works. I have tried and figured out how to work with HTTP but have no idea while using HTTPS(SSL). Can anyone help me to work with HTTPS mainly setting up SSL part. It will be helpful if the response is how to setup step by step.

I also want to know.

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I understand what you’re experiencing can be frustrating.
Are you running on the managed or self hosted service and what version?

DB version 7.8.5

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Have you looked into this: ? We will update our documentation.

The HTTP API and External Functions features can be enabled when you create the container via passing environment variables.


Add the following flags to your docker run command:

-e HTTP_API=ON -p 9000:9000

By default, the HTTP API runs on port 9000. If you want to use a different port you can instead run:


External Functions:

Add the following flag to your docker run command:


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