I could not find the exeutables for the MemSQL ops

I am trying to follow the documentation for cluster deployment. and I could not find the file memsql-ops-.tar.gz
the url opens the main page for MemSQL, and the download button scrolls down to the form. when when I login it gives me the licenses page. and there is nothing there to download. I only have the url for the documentation page. “LOOP”

Hello @alfaifiisa,

You can download memsql-ops-6.7.7 @ http://download.memsql.com/memsql-ops-6.7.7/memsql-ops-6.7.7.tar.gz

Kind regards,

Can you link to which documentatino page/install guide you were following? The latest installation guides have the locations of all the files you install, but it sounds like you might be looking at an older install guide.

Thanks, I’ve made a note to get that fixed.

Was there a specific reason you wanted to deploy MemSQL with Ops? If yes, the download above should work for you; if no, use https://docs.memsql.com/guides/latest/install-memsql/ instead.

I am exploring the possibilities of deploying and using MemSQL with Ops, to ease deployment and maintenance.

I’m glad you are deploying MemSQL! We have actually deprecated the outdated ops deployment in favor of our new “MemSQL Tools” for easier deployment and management.

You can find the install process here: https://docs.memsql.com/v7.1/guides/deploy-memsql/self-managed/linux/step-1/

I would highly recommend this current version deployment over the outdated ops approach.

Please let us know what you think.