🎦 ICYMI - May Community Call Replay Available on YouTube

Greetings SingleStore Friends!

At the beginning of the month, we held our livestream Community Call and the replay is now available on youtube.

These monthly calls will be held at the beginning of each month.The format for these livestreams will include community announcements and updates. We will hear from guest speakers and ambassadors. We will highlight interesting contributions and shoutout community members. There will also be time to answer questions from the audience live.

:cinema: ICYMI – Check out our May Community Call replay on youtube. And because I know you’re curious, here is the list of speakers and links referenced in the call.


  • Host: Wesley Faulkner - SingleStore Head of Community (SingleStore Forums) (Twitter @wesley83)
  • Co-Host: Maria Silverhardt - SingleStore Community Manager (SingleStore Forums) (Twitter @MsDataDetective)
  • Guest - Gerry Morgan - SingleStore Ambassador (SingleStore Forums)
  • Guest - Yogeshwar Phull - SingleStore Ambassador (SingleStore Forums)
  • Guest - Joe Karlsson - SingleStore Developer Advocate (SingleStore Forums) (Twitter @JoeKarlsson1)
  • Guest - Akmal Chaudhri - SingleStore Developer Evangelist (SingleStore Forums) (Twitter @akmalchaudhri)


We look forward to seeing you at the next one in June! Stay tuned for the date announcement soon. If you have any feedback or ideas for the show, feel free to comment below and let us know. Thank you!

The SingleStore Team