Install Studio without root access

We have installed the Studio is Tar file and but we are not able to start the Studio Service. Looks like it requires root/sudo access to start the service? is this correct? is there any option/way to install & use where there is no root access

From the link it is referring as sudo access required

I see no responses from MemSQL on this thread, do we need to assume that root access is mandatory to install/use MemSQL Studio

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Using root/sudo is the easiest way to run MemSQL Studio, but it is not required. From your installation directory, you can run ./memsql-studio to start it as your current user. To run Studio as a systemd service, install a service file similar to this example, replacing /path/to/memsql-studio with the absolute path to your memsql-studio binary:

Description=MemSQL Studio



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