Is Free Enough For Production Product

We have a big eCommerce Solution Saas ( like bigcommerce) , but we need to start with free edition first , the Question is Is it enough for us ( for one year for example ) till we can move to enterprise edition , what is the maximum node capacity we can assign ( can I have only one aggregator node and one note with 128 GB of RAM ) .

Yes, you can use for free up to 4 nodes. What is your use case?

You can reach about it here:

What is your use case?

What is the best expereince for it ?
How much RAM Aggregator Node must take?
If i take 28GB for aggregator Ram , Can I have only one node with the remaining Amount 100 GB?

You want to have at least two leave for high availability.

What is you use case and have you tested the product?

yes but high availabiity is not Obligatory If i have only one server, am I right?
we are have an eCommerce solution , want to have all its products , orders and other data to be on memory , beside handling push notification with the help of kafka

Yes, MemSQL would be great at it. And the pipelines feature will be excellent for it.