Kubernetes: Create user permission


Im running the Kubernetes operator and the default admin user does
not have CREATE USER privilegies. How to manage users with k8s operator?


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Hi Vinicius, you will need the super privilege to create user. You can use root for this.

Hi @mbhakti!

Yeah, I understand that, but I dont see where specify the root password or extra users using the Kubernetes MemSQL operator. Is there any docs on the operator configuration apart from the k8s guide?


Same problem here. I did not find any documentation on where to get the root password or how to create additional users through the operator.

Tried to set insecure_accept_any_password_for_all_users: "ON" in globalVariables operator setting, but did not work. Nodes are in crash loop with Failed to update MemSQL config file for node with MemSQL ID ...

This module makes it possible to make people be able to create users , without granting them the permission to "administer users ".

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Kubernetes authorizes API requests using the API server. It evaluates all of the request attributes against all policies and allows or denies the request. All parts of an API request must be allowed by some policy in order to proceed. This means that permissions are denied by default.