Kubernetes operator: Does ddl service always point to the master aggregator?

With the kubernetes operator there are different services for dml and ddl. Will the operator ever promote a child aggregator to master (e.g. using PROMOTE AGGREGATOR … TO MASTER), so that ddl won’t point to the master aggregator?

Hello @h.fries ,

In the Kubernetes environment, there is no need to promote a Child Aggregator to Master Aggregator.

If there is an issue with the host/node that runs the Master Aggregator, the Kubernetes scheduler should auto-schedule the Master Aggregator pod onto a healthy host (cordon/evict/etc.)

For non-Kubernetes deployments, if the Master Aggregator host system suffered a catastrophic event and was unrecoverable, we provide documentation to promote an existing Child Aggregator to Master Aggregator,

In a Kubernetes environment, this functionality isn’t needed since the MA pod should auto move to a healthy host/node.

To answer your question: Does the DDL service always point to the Master Aggregator?

Yes, the DDL service maps to the Master Aggregator StatefulSet and the Master Aggregator StatefulSet will always have 1 and only 1 pod deployed and configured as the Master Aggregator S2 Node.