Leaf Node went offline,How to restart and connect this node to the cluster

I am having 5 Nodes SS Cluster with 4 Nodes: Leaf and 1 Node:Aggregator.
Yesterday 1 Leaf Node went offline.
How to restart leaf node and bring it online. No Config changes happened.

Some Snaps-

I need to connect a leaf node which is disconnected , connect to cluster.

Hi divyn1! :wave: Welcome to our community forums.
Sorry you are experiencing this issue.
Can you tell me what service you are running on (managed or self0hosted) and the version number?

Hi @MariaSilverhardt ,
SS version is 7.5.19, it can be seen in above snap.
Service is self-hosted installed in linux.

Yesterday 1 leaf node went offline,no activity/config changes performed.Logs in above snaps.

Tried Stopping and Starting all Nodes, Able to connect on nodes but 1 leaf node which is currently in offline state is not able to communicate with Aggregator node.

For more help, you should submit a support ticket to provide more details as this is hard to know what brought this node down.

Here is a recommendation from the information that we have:

  • Make sure that the host is online and there was no change to the firewall (e.g. blocked ports). Are you able to SSH into the host with the leaf with the same user configured through Toolbox? If you are not able to connect at all, it means that you might have an issue with that server.
  • This can happen if you have changed the root password on a node through a client rather than toolbox but since you said that no config change happened, it’s probably not that case.

I found this issue,

My disk space in offline node was full, so its not able to connect with cluster and went offline.
Once I cleared logs dir , some space is freed and node went online again.

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Congrats! Glad it worked out :tada:

did the node go back online by itself after you cleared the space or did you have to restart the leaf node?

It came back online by itself once cleared the space.


thanks for the reply!

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