Loading parquet files into singlestore table and map data automatically based on column name

I need to load a parquet file into singlestore and the target table already exists.
I read the documentation and it states:

parquet_subvalue_mapping specifies the mapping between fields in an input Parquet file and columns in the destination table

In my use case however, i don’t know the structure of the target table. All i know is that the parquet file and the target table have the same structure. How can i dynamically map the parquet file to the target table? I would like to map them based on column names. Can somebody please provide feedback, if this is possible or not?
I need a mapping that will work also if in the future the structure of the table changes. Basically i just want singlestore to get all column names and map map the values based on the column name between the parquet file and the target table.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: I found this related topic: Format parquet mapping

Seems like i’m not the first one having this question