Major and minor release alerts

Hi , memsql documentation is very well articulated. Is there any way that the user can get an alert via personal email or memsql forum user inbox upon major or minor memsql release.


You can subscribe to a category (in this case, you’d want to subscribe to the Announcements category) via your user preferences in the forum.

Click on your user icon in the upper right of the forum header.

Click on your user name (on the left side of the small window that opens, it’s not super obvious).

In your user profile, under the Preferences tab, look in Notifications > Categories on the left.

Hope that helps!

I followed your instructions, when I click on categories - it doesn’t really give me anything to select from ?!

never mind, its my browser issue - it helps as i expected.

Ok, glad to hear it!


We also have a notifications system inside memSQL Studio. If you connect to a cluster using Studio which is not using the most recent memSQL version, Studio will show a notification suggesting upgrading memSQL to the latest version.


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thats so thoughtful, thank you.