☀️ MemSQL 7.0 Now Generally Available on MemSQL Helios

Hello everyone!

MemSQL is proud to announce the general availability of MemSQL 7.0, available first on MemSQL Helios. You can spin up a Helios trial in one click here!

MemSQL 7.0 delivers new, fast resilience features; the first iteration of MemSQL SingleStore, delivering table type convergence; new time series features; and other new features, described below.

What’s New in MemSQL 7.0

We previously described two key sets of features in MemSQL 7.0:

  • Resilience features . Resilience features allow database content to survive server and software failures. Resilience features in MemSQL 7.0 include much faster synchronous replication and synchronous durability, and incremental backup, which captures only recently changed data.
  • MemSQL SingleStore features . MemSQL SingleStore will eventually see data stored in a single table type whose size is not limited by the available memory, yet still provides the highest level of performance for both transactional and analytical operations. MemSQL 7.0 features include rowstore table data compression and fast seeks in columnstore tables.

Let us know here if you have any questions! We’re just a forum post away.

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