MemSQL 7.1 Beta is now available for download!

MemSQL 7.1 Beta is now available for download

We have released 7.1 beta! It is now available for download (instructions below).

Release notes are here:

Highlights include:

  • the latest SingleStore features: unique keys on columnstore tables and fast selective joins with columnstores
  • fast “differential” disaster recovery (DR) failback, for improved availability in DR scenarios
  • developers, check out
    • SELECT INTO <variables>,
    • new built-in functions like TO_NUMBER(),
    • improved JSON handling,
    • the TABLE(<array>) TVF, and more!

Installation Instructions

Important: You cannot upgrade to or from this release. It is for testing and development purposes and is not to be used in production.

To install 7.1 Beta using MemSQL tools, use this version:


For example:

memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --version dev:153ba2f3-aae3-47c5-aa6f-56d546aa8ead --license AAAAAAa/Aaa/AA==

Substitute your actual license for AAAAAAa/Aaa/AA==

For instructions on single-machine deployment for easy testing, see here.

For full instructions on how to deploy with MemSQL tools, see here.

Anywhere in these instructions where a specific MemSQL --version <version-number> is referenced, use --version dev:153ba2f3-aae3-47c5-aa6f-56d546aa8ead instead.

For those using MemSQL ops, you can deploy using this version hash: 7dd5f69aa29aa57f9bc36ba2be37e9a34e132063

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Been trying to upgrade, getting errors

>     ubuntu@ip-172-31-18-191:~$ memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --version dev:153ba2f3-aae3-47c5-aa6f-56d546aa8ead --license xxxxxxaDBhzbHA0qAA==
>     memsql-deploy will perform the following actions:
>       · Install memsql-server 7.1.1 locally
>       · Deploy a master aggregator on port 3306
>       · Deploy a leaf node on port 3307
>     Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
>     ✓ Downloaded memsql-server 7.1.1
>     Installing MemSQL locally...
>     ✓ MemSQL 7.1.1 already installed
>     Starting rollback
>     ✓ Installed MemSQL 7.1.1
>     ✓ Rollback succeeded
>     MemSQL nodes already exist on this host. To view them, run 'memsql-admin list-nodes'. To remove them, run 'memsql-admin stop-node --all' then 'memsql-admin delete-node --all'
>     ubuntu@ip-172-31-18-191:~$ memsql-admin stop-node --all
>     no master aggregator found in this cluster
>     If you would like to ignore the error, re-run this command with the --force flag
>     ubuntu@ip-172-31-18-191:~$ memsql-admin delete-node --all
>     There are no nodes to delete

You’re trying to re-deploy a cluster-in-a-box, instead you probably want to do an upgrade:

memsql-deploy upgrade --version dev:153ba2f3-aae3-47c5-aa6f-56d546aa8ead