MemSQL and Spring Boot

I’m trying to incorporate MemSQL in a project with Spring Boot, but there’s a slight difference in MemSQL dialect and MySQL.
I’m wondering if is there any plan to create a connector working with JPA for MemSQL?

It’s not currently planned. What is the error that you get when using the Spring Boot MySQL connector?

In that case, to create an EAV Model schema, is there any approach using available toolset?
The error :
2018-12-19 17:16:31.491 WARN 13976 — [ main] o.h.t.s.i.ExceptionHandlerLoggedImpl : GenerationTarget encountered exception accepting command : Error executing DDL “alter table products add constraint FK4hlnfbvomcon2o2ejyn2ch6pd foreign key (ent
ity_type_id) references entity_types (id)” via JDBC Statement

I understand that we need to add shard to the statement and use foreign shard key to create relations.