"memsql-cluster.yml" not deploying clusters

I’m currently trying to deploy SingleStore with Kubernets 1.21. I can run the rbac.yaml file, memsql-cluster-crd.yaml and deployments.yaml without any problems. However when I run the memsql-cluster.yaml file, it says it ran successfully, but nothing new appears in the pods other than the operator.

When I run the command to get the logs this error is returned:

error: no kind "MemsqlCluster" is registered for version "memsql.com/v1alpha1" in scheme "k8s.io/kubectl/pkg/scheme/scheme.go:28"

Hello, Miguilim! Thanks for the message.

Can I ask if you’ve tuned the recommended parameters within the memsql-cluster.yaml ?

An improperly configured YAML file can lead to these issues. Please make sure to read through our Kubernetes deployment docs thoroughly, as misconfigurations on any of the steps will lead to deployment errors.

Keep us updated on how it goes. Thanks