MemSQL Installation Error

Hello Team,

I am facing issue while installing memsql in my linux server. Below is the command used:

memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --license <LICENSE_DETAILS> --version 7.0 –password ‘root’

Error Message:

error running memsqlctl: error running command: `/bin/memsqlctl --json --yes add-leaf --host --port 3307 --secure-password " " exit status 1
stderr: Error 2374: Leaf node could not be added because you are using the MemSQL free license which has a limit of 4 license units and after adding the node you would be using 5 license units. To purchase more capacity, contact See for instructions on how to create a cluster with up to 4 license units.

Previously we have installed once which was erroneous. Today, I have uninstalled the entire memsql set up using command (yum remove -y memsql-client memsql-toolbox memsql-studio).

Still we are getting this issue.

Our requirement is to one leaf node, one aggregator, one master in single unix server. Not sure why it is showing 5 nodes needed.

Can some one suggest me on removing all leaf nodes from unix server and installing only 1 leaf, 1 aggregator and 1 master nothing more using the below command:

memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --license <LICENSE_DETAILS> --version 7.0 –password ‘root’

Appreciate your help. This is long time impeding me.

Hi, Can you share the hardware configuration you are deploying onto? A memSQL unit is 8 cpu and 32gb of memory, so if you are deploying onto more than 32cpu cores and 128gb of memory you may get an error that you have exceeded the 4 units for free tier.

One easy way to solve this if you are using VMs is to constrain the total VM resources down below 32cpu and 128gb of memory. Also note that the unit calculation is per node, so if one node has 9 cpu or 33 gb of memory it would be counted as 2 units of license capacity.

Hello there,

Thanks a lot for your inputs.

I have executed command “lscpu” and below are configuration details:

Architecture: x86_64
CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit
Byte Order: Little Endian
CPU(s): 40
On-line CPU(s) list: 0 to 39
Thread(s) per core: 1
Core(s) per socket: 1
Socket(s): 40
NUMA nodes(s): 2
Vendor ID: GenuineIntel
CPU family:6

For Memory i have used the command “free -m”

Total: 64260
Used; 28895
free: 32276

Based on the above hardware please suggest. Do you mean to say - Since i have CPUs (40) i am getting this error?.

An Clarification, Can i use .yml configuration set up instead of using command memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --license <LICENSE_DETAILS> --version 7.0 –password ‘root’, Reason being “Cluster-in-a-box-license” will create leaf nodes as many available Core CPU(s). In my case since we have CPU(s) - 40, I think 5 units of MemSQL is trying to create"

Instead if i go with using command below, Whether the number of will be create be 2 units (Since i have mentioned as “Master” at “3306” and “Leaf” at “3307”)?. Please advise

memsql-deploy setup-cluster --cluster-file memsqlclustersetup.yaml


memsql_server_version: 7.0
package_type: rpm

  • hostname: <host_name>
    localhost: true
    • register: false
      role: Master
      password: root
      port: 3306
    • register: false
      role: Leaf
      password: root
      port: 3307

You can use the yaml configuration, but if the host has 40 CPU it will still exceed the 32 max cpu for the free tier license.

You could either install on a host with fewer CPU cores, or setup a VM and allocate it 32 or fewer CPU and less than 128GB of ram to allow the configuration to continue.

You can also request a 30 day Enterprise trial license through the memsql portal if you would like to install on a machine with more than 32vCPU and 128GB of memory.