MemSQL online upgrade for leaf node individually 7.0.11 or later

Hi everyone!

There may be a situation it cannot tolerate down time when operating MemSQL.
At this point, Online upgrade must be performed when new feature released.
A dba must turn the HA(High Availability) function on MemSQL and then,
MemSQL will have to perform a rolling upgrade.
Do you have some manual to support this in the current version or in the near future?


  1. With the 6.X version, I can use memsql-ops to upgrade online between minor versions.
    But With the 7.X version, I can’t download the memsql-ops package for upgrade online.
    Do you support online upgrade between 7.X minor versions?

  2. I’ve saw a post(MemSQL upgrade from 5.8 to 6.7 - #4 by jknaster - Help - SingleStore Forums)
    that It seem to be ongoing the roadmap to supports major version (6.X to 7.X) upgrade online.
    Please tell me when will it come true exactly?

Thank you for reading this and please advice.

We will be releasing a version of memsql tools that can do online upgrades from 6.X to 7.0 (and from\to all future versions of memsql) in the next few weeks. Its a more builtin experience then the docs you linked to, you’ll just be able to ask the tool to do an online upgrade.