Memsql-ops agent-ssh equivalent

Do we have anything equivalent to memsql-ops agent-ssh in sdb-admin or tools ? So I can execute a command on each of the node in the cluster ?

Hi Thanh! Unfortunately, memsql-ops has been deprecated as of May 13 2021. For lower level controls to manage SingleStoreDB nodes on a host machine, you may use a tool called memsqlctl Hope this helps. We’re here if you have further questions. Cheers :dizzy:

I understand. We are in the process of migrating memsql-ops to sdb-admin/tool. Just trying to find if there is anything in the new tool that is equivalent of memsql-ops agent-ssh since we have some in-house monitoring scripts which are using memsql-ops agent-ssh. What should we use to replace it ?

Hello Thanh! There is no equivalent for agent-ssh in the sdb-admin tool. So, if you need to execute an arbitrary command on your cluster’s hosts, you need to do it with the ssh command.

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Just to add a few resources to check out Thanh, here are a few SSH config options within sdb-admin:

  • state - Display the Toolbox State File contents.
  • show-aggregators - Query the Master Aggregator for its aggregators.
  • show-leaves - Query the Master Aggregator for its leaves.

Each one of these allows SSH connectivity options analyzing at different granularities. You can then tune them accordingly.

We look forward to hearing how it all works out. :smile: