MemSql Performance vs MySql

I have successfully managed to migrate from mysql to memsql , I was trying to query table with 33k rows to check the performance difference between both , but surprisingly I found mysql outperform memsql a lot , ( I am using the default rowstore , one leaf on 30G Ram server , 6 core ) ,
I there are any configuration i should do to get the benefits of MEMSQL Speed )

Hi adel,

33K rows is likely a little on the small side to see the benefit of MemSQL (depending on your workload). Its typically better to stick with a database optimized for a single host at that scale. Even when running with one leaf, MemSQL still behaves like a distributed database designed for querying 100 millions to 100s of billions of rows.


so When i can see the difference in performance , this is just a primary data in testing phase, When will be the tipping point that i can see difference then?

It depends what type of workload you want to test out. You can see much higher throughput numbers with only a few million rows in your table if your doing high throughput multi-inserts (or upserts) for example (100K a second or so or something along those lines).