MemSQL - Pipeline - Export Pipeline definition

Hi Team,

I need some help regarding pipeline.

Can we export definition of MemSQL pipelines?
Can we search through any string among all the pipelines?

Thank you.

Anuj Soni.

Hello Anuj,

To get Pipeline definition you can use the following query :

USE <database_name>;
SHOW CREATE PIPELINE <pipeline_name>;

To find all the pipelines;

USE <database_name>;

To find the pipelines in your database, the following query should help:

select * from information_schema.pipelines where database_name = ‘<database_name>’ and pipeline_name like ‘%text%’;


Thanks for your reply. Actually I am looking for search into the definition of pipeline script NOT the pipeline name.

Hey Anuj.
Can you try to run SHOW CREATE PIPELINE <pipeline_name> and this will give you the pipeline definition. Through the SingleStore portal SQL Editor, you can export by clicking ‘Save as CSV’ on the message logs.
Please let us know if this resolves your issue. Thanks!