Memsql safe mode root password recovery

All how do I reset the root password. When running this command we can’t do it

memsqlctl cannot connect to the specified node. If this is due to an authentication error, a user may have changed the MemSQL root password without memsqlctl. If you know the existing password, you can update memsqlctl by rerunning ‘change-root-password’ with the --password flag specifying the current password. For more information, refer to Error 1045: Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: NO)

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What is the purpose of changing the password? Did you forget it or something? If the root password was changed without using the memsqlctl command, then that password has to be set using memsqlctl first. Once that is done, then using memsqlctl command you can change the password to a new password.

Here are the steps:
sudo memsqlctl change-root-password --memsql-id master node id --password “current password”
sudo memsqlctl change-root-password --memsql-id master node id --password “new password”

The master node id can be got using:
memsql-admin list-nodes

Here is the document link for the same

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Hi locked my db root user by mistake .
Now i want to login to my db , but it says :slight_smile:
[ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-215 ~]$ memsql -pmemsql
memsql-client: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)
[ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-215 ~]$

How do i login using password