Memsql studio showing incorrect disk size

Hi, I see in memsql studio in the hosts screen 273gb/1tb on both leaves (we only have 2 leaves). The disk though of that server is 1.5tb. Any reason I dont see all the size ? is there a limit or something ?

Thx !

Hi! Thanks for reporting this issue and helping us to improve MemSQL Studio.

May I ask you which version of Studio are you using?

We improved the way we display large numbers in the last Studio release, v1.9.6. Could you please update to the last version of Studio and confirm if this behavior is still happening?

relevant entry: “Improves number formatting of byte-type values to better display large numbers”

If this doesn’t work: Can you send us the full output of the table ‘INFORMATION_SCHEMA.MV_SYSINFO_DISK’ so we can help you debug this issue? Studio reads that value from there.

you are right ! I did it and it works perfect ! thx !