MEMSQL Upgrade to V7


Please clarify me the steps on upgrading to memsql 7 when your installation is tar ball

I wonder whether the following command works because memsql-ops and memsql agents concept is no more there in 7
memsql-ops agent-upgrade --version 7.0.0
memsql-ops memsql-upgrade --version 7.0
sudo memsql-ops agent-upgrade --file-path /path/to/memsql-ops-XYZ.tar.gz

Not able to get clear insight of upgrading to 7.0.16 referring the upgrade link

Phani please file a support ticket and the team will help you out.

Are you on developer edition?

Hi Nikita,
Yes i am trying to do an upgrade from 6.7 or 6.8 to 7.0 on a single machine and working on validating the steps are correct or not in the document that is provided