Memsql with angularjs

Is middleware like JDBC Connection required to connect memsql and angularjs.

I don’t know the answer specifically, but just about anything that can connect to MySQL can connect to MemSQL the same way. So look into how developers connect angularjs to MySQL and you should be able to use the same approach.

Angular.js runs in the browser, and can’t connect directly to external resources like a database. MemSQL is a database you can use from any MariaDB/MySQL driver. Typically we create a REST API that shims ajax requests from Angular.js to the database. If you only need this thin shim, you may consider Node, Express, and the mysql2 package. It provides a promised-based API that allows you to use async/await in your server-side JavaScript to mirror the async JavaScript code in Angular.js. If you already have a server API in Java, Python, C#, Go, etc, you can use the applicable MariaDB/MySQL packages. See for a list of drivers for each language.