Migration checklist

We have created our on-prem SingleStore Studio environment.

I am looking for a checklist or document that outlines how to migrate our existing MemSQL database and users to the new SingleStore servers. Does a document exist?


Welcome to the forums, @david.lange! This post covers essentially what you asked:

Also, ‘sdb-admin dump’ can be used to export object definitions, users, groups, grants etc.

If your database is big, I’d recommend running sdb-admin dump and also taking a backup on the old cluster. Then restore the backup on the new cluster, and take the SQL script output by the dump utility and run just the part of it to recreate the users/groups/grants on the new cluster.

can I run the sdb-admin dump command from a singlestore node to read a memsql database?

You should run the sdb-admin dump command from anywhere the tools are installed that can connect to your SingleStore cluster via an aggregator.

You should not run it to connect to other nodes.

Why are you asking about the memsql database? Sdb-admin has access to all the cluster metadata via internal queries against our metadata tables – you should not have to concern yourself with the details of that as a user.

I am getting the following when I try to run the sdb-admin
[david_lange@rh-memsql-dev-a01 ~]$ sudo -i
[root@rh-memsql-dev-a01 ~]# sdb-admin dump
failed to find host with master: no master aggregator found in this cluster

Try logging on to the machine where the master aggregator is running and run it from there.

Try to do something basic to verify connectivity first, like sdb-admin list-nodes.

Hello, David, in addition to what Eric asked, can you describe how you deployed your cluster? It seems like your master aggregator node has not been registered.

I don’t know how the cluster was deployed. My task is to move the memsql database from the memsql cluster to the singleStore cluster. This is what I get on the list-nodes

[david_lange@rh-memsql-dev-a01 ~]$ sdb-admin list-nodes No nodes found

You are trying to migrate from MemSQL Ops to SingleStore Tools, is that right?

It looks like you may have missed steps in the Migration Guide, specifically where you generate the migration file and deploy the migration file. Can you double-check that you followed all the steps in the Migration Guide?

Thanks I will review