Missing MemSQL documentation

Where is the best place to leave MemSQL documentation feedback? In some cases, I’ve found that features are not documented, which makes me uncertain as to whether I should use them. For example, the REPLACE function is undocumented, which replaces one character with another. I was initially disappointed that it wasn’t available until I tested it and found that it works. (Note: This is different from the REPLACE DML documented here.) Another example: While SHOW CREATE FUNCTION, AGGREGATE, and PIPELINE are documented, SHOW CREATE TABLE and VIEW are not. Among those, only SHOW CREATE PIPELINE is included with the SHOW commands here. This raises the question… what other functions aren’t documented that I could be using? Is there any way to query the system to get a complete list?

EDIT: The documentation for the REPLACE DML indicates that it works with a primary key or unique index. Since columnstore tables do not support a primary key, I tried to create an unenforced unique index. However, REPLACE did not work (it inserts duplicates). As such, I think the documentation should say that it requires an enforced unique index and therefore only works on rowstore tables.

MemSQL supports almost all the built-in functions in MySQL 5.5. So if a function is not documented in MemSQL but it exists in MySQL 5.5, and exists in MemSQL, you can be comfortable using it in MemSQL. The same can be said for commands, like SHOW CREATE TABLE and SHOW CREATE VIEW. This is a gap in our documentation and we are working to fill it. Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll point out your post to our documentation team.

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That’s great to know. I’ll note that in our documentation with this link to the MySQL 5.5 functions.