Moving DB Data from one leaf node to another existing leaf in order to remove particular leaf node


I am having one SS Cluster with 1 MA and 4 Leaf nodes.
Now I need to remove one leaf node present inside SS Cluster and my SS Cluster will be 1 MA and 3 Leaf node.

I want to transfer DB Data present in particular leaf node to existing leaf node, in order to run all DB smoothly. I am not adding 4th leaf node inside the cluster.

Pls let me know how to achieve it,without any data loss.

SS Version: 7.0.5

You are looking for the REMOVE LEAF command, which will remove a node from the cluster and rebalance that nodes data across the remaining leaf nodes.
Current version docs: REMOVE LEAF · SingleStore Documentation
Version 7.0 docs: REMOVE LEAF - SingleStore Documentation

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Hi @gkafity ,

This issue was resolved after performing cluster downsizing activity from our end.

Doc: Cluster Downsizing Steps · SingleStore Documentation

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