Need sql query plan usage stats

(Ported from memsql-public-chat Slack channel)

reywang [4:54 PM]
how to check sql query plan - which show parallelism, active cores (CPU) usages?

seth [8:23 PM]
EXPLAIN and PROFILE / SHOW PROFILE. Please refer to documentation at

reywang [8:36 AM]
Seth, I mean query plan has info how many threads are used, prefer to have a web html file etc

seth [8:54 AM]
@reywang you can also check out MemSQL Studio

It has a plan viewer built in

You can also review the tunable for how connection and query threads work at:

reywang [8:58 AM]
is there a future plan such as graphical query plan, READable for quick trouble shooting ? I deal with complex over 20+ table join.

Madhu [9:29 AM]
@seth this is great news, will install the same play with the MemSQL Studio

seth [9:34 AM]
@reywang yes, it is graphical interface. Complex queries do render, but you may need to zoom in and out. There are some nice features comparing estimates to actuals and showing the difference, e.g., Explain vs Profile. The UI takes some time practice like anything new.

John Toups [10:58 AM]
+1 for Studio. very nice.