Optimising SingleStore

Hi folks,

After running a report I’ve been given the following:

Primarily my eyes are drawn to the following:

✓ consistentMaxMemory ........................... [PASS]
NOTE Inconsistent maximum_memory values for aggregators and leaves:
[14464] Mb on aggregators
[43394] Mb on leaves

For a machine with a total of 64gb ram (With both SingleStore + PHP/Laravel app) what should these be set to? I have 1 master aggregator and 1 leaf

Given that most of the work happens on the leaf and some final creation of the answer happens on the aggregator, this is a good start. You can use the same proportions but make sure enough is left over for PHP/Laravel and your app.

I’m assuming everything is on one machine.

See this for more useful info about this: maximum_memory · SingleStore Documentation