Packages in Memsql

Why does memsql not support packages and scheduling .

Hi @rneha. What kind of packages are you asking about?

Regarding scheduling, we don’t have a built-in scheduler. We’re considering it for the future. For now, consider using a chron job in Linux to call scripts to run scheduled tasks.

i am thinking packages like oracle package sytle (spec and body) is not seen in memsql ?

Ah, you mean Oracle PL/SQL-like packages (

We haven’t had anyone ask for it until now, but it is certainly a potentially valuable feature. I’ll make a note of it as a feature request.

Are you thinking about a new app or migrating an Oracle app onto SingleStore?

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Yes that’s right, something similar to oracle PL-SQL packages. we are already using Single store DB and we have to use UDF (procedures) for certain features. it is inconvenient to maintain all procedure code for that feature also we cannot see all procedure code at once have to query it one by one to see code .