Performance of queries with using view

I have 2 columnstore tables with similar schema.
both have Date in their shard key.

I have a functional requirement which needs aggregation of field spanning the dates in both tables.
My idea was to create view using UNION ALL, and use it.

WHERE dateColumn >= ‘$beginDate’ && dateColumn <= ‘$endDate’;

Will this query be optimal performant, and use the key within the tables, or will there be total table scan ?
If not, is there any suggestion to modifying the query ?

It’s typical use DATE as the sort key and shard on something else, like a unique key or a join column that gives even shard sizes.

In that case, your query should perform reasonably well – it should be able to do segment elimination within each partition to skip over most of the data, assuming you have many segments per partition. If your data is small, that may not be the case.

I normally would not recommend using a DATE in the shard key.