Prometheus Full Setup yml file


We are looking for a typical and important SingleStore alerting prometheus_rules.yml . Confused a lot with so many things exposed from the exporter.

Table Memory is easy to monitor, but events like memsql_event_MAX_MEMORY_ERROR, memsql_event_NODE_OFFLINE_WARNING show continuously in graph. Confused on how to setup these alerts. Hence requesting a typical prometheus_rules.yml for SingleStore monitoring and appreciate it if you place it on your portal for download.


Sorry for the confusion Vasanth! Are you on a managed or self-hosted service? What version number?

I’m escalating this issue internally so we can get an expert to look at it soon. Thanks for your patience.

We are using self managed cluster not on managed services. We are planning to integrate alerting of SingleStore with SNOW using prometheus.

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Hi vasanth.ramu!

Unfortunately, we don’t directly support or provide Prometheus alerting for customers.

The list of alerts available here: Configure Alerts

If we have variables that aren’t well documented in terms of expected values or thresholds, we’re happy to open a docs ticket to improve the descriptions. Just let us know. Thanks