Question about licence keys for dev setup

Hi! I’m trying to understand how full development setup should be done in regards of licence keys. In normal software development there should be at lest 3 instances: local instance on developers system (notebook, PC); development instance for testing out things; production instance. In licence key admin panel you can get only 1 licence key. How to go about this? If you have 5 developers who work on the codebase they each need local VM. Do they each need to sign up to get their own keys? And what about development environment and production - they each need separate keys?

You can use your free tier license (everyone who signs up for a MemSQL account via gets one) for a free tier cluster. You can run the free tier locally on your laptop (either natively with Linux or via Docker for Mac/Windows). Docs for that are here: SingleStoreDB Cloud · SingleStore Documentation.

You can use the same license key for your development environment and production as long as the total capacity used doesn’t exceed what is specified for your license. For an enterprise license it is whatever number of nodes you purchased. For free tier you cannot exceed more than 4 units per cluster but you can reuse the license key for different clusters.

As much as I appreciate the free tier license, I agree a separate developer license system would be a great addition.

To avoid abuse it could be very resource limited (perhaps 8 GB memory, single node, 16 GB disk etc) or even require weekly restarts. It would still be suitable for many development environments that does’t require the entire workload from a production environment.

It could perhaps be included in the MemSQL server by default or provisionable from the MemSQL Portal.

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