Rebrand of SingleStore Tools Components

We’ve changed our company name from MemSQL to SingleStore, and as a result, we’ve started rebranding our products. The purpose of this post is to inform you that we rebranded SingleStore Tools product components, which contains toolbox (CLI), Studio, and client. We have rebranded both the packages and the commands in a backward-compatible way:

Command Rebranding

We added new commands to our Tools modules. The rebranded Toolbox commands add an sdb- prefix (sdb being the short form of “SingleStore DB”), and the client has a new singlestore command which can be used to connect to the database.

Here is a table that shows the comparisons between the rebranded and older command, both of which are supported.

Rebranded Tools Top-Level Command Equivalent Tools Top-Level Command
sdb-admin memsql-admin
sdb-deploy memsql-deploy
sdb-report memsql-report
sdb-toolbox-config memsql-toolbox-config
singlestore (client) memsql

These command changes are backward-compatible, so the memsql variant will continue to work to support existing automation. However, our updated documentation will reference only the rebranded variants of these commands.

Package Name Rebranding

The Tools package names have been updated as follows. You can see associated updates with these changes to our installation guides.

New Rebranded Package Previous Package
singlestore-client memsql-client
singlestoredb-studio memsql-studio
singlestoredb-toolbox memsql-toolbox

Note: We did not rebrand the memsql-server package in this iteration. It will be rebranded in the next phase.

For net new installations of the latest versions, the new packages will be automatically selected.

If you have existing installations that you plan to upgrade to the latest versions (e.g., by running yum update or apt install), you do not need to take any additional action as a result of the rebrand. Any upgrades from older versions to the latest rebranded versions will automatically download the updated/rebranded package and rename the required components. This behavior applies to updates run on memsql-toolbox, memsql-studio, and memsql-client.

If required, you can continue to install older versions of the software by selecting a specific version. To get the links for these files, you can use the following curl command to obtain them per product:


Rebranding Next Steps

We will continue rebranding our software over time. The rebranding will be an incremental process to change the codebase and all software that SingleStore ships in a backward-compatible way, so you may continue to see references of ‘memsql’ when interacting with our products.

We’ll continue to provide forum communication on any rebrand changes that we’re making. If you have any questions or concerns about the rebranding, please file a forum post or a support ticket.