Returning >300 rows in MemSQL Studio

Is it possible to return more than 300 rows in the MemSQL Studio query editor?

Also it looks like the “Save CSV” button only saves the 300 rows shown, can it return all results?

Hello @dhenry,

Currently, MemSQL Studio can only return at most 300 rows in the Query Editor for performance reasons.

We have on our roadmap some plans that will allow users to extend this number if they so wish to.

As a temporary solution, you can run:


in the Query Editor to increase the output limit for that session (this won’t persist as you reopen Studio).

The “Save CSV” takes your last output and downloads it in a CSV file so it is bound by the same constraints as the Query Editor output itself.

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What could be the maximum value for LIMIT N in query

That’s a different question than addressed here, but there’s no upper limit on N (other than the biggest allowed bigint literal).

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Actually why i asked this question? because

In procedure am using QUERY object to build the dynamic query and using COLLECT(qry) functioin to get the output of query.

But this query does not return more than 300 Rows. i dont understand why its happening.?

In the query i have given 10000 as LIMIT. But it returns only 300 rows.

Kindly help or route me the solution page if exists

If you are running it inside Studio, Studio’s 300 row limit might be taking effect.

You can run a SELECT INTO a new table and count the resulting rows, to check. Or, use the mysql or singlestore command line client to run the query. Or consider SELECT INTO OUTFILE.

Am executing from MYSQL Workbench.

The same query returning actual count when am executing query alone.

But its giving 300 rows when am executing within procedure. That is the problem or bug.

Anybody can reply or help this to solve please

Hello @ganesh.usi.gk ,
Did you try to change Studio’s row limit? You can do it on SQL Editor Settings, in SQL editor page. The default value is 300 rows.

Yes – if you see the vertical … stack just left of Visual Explain on the upper right, click it, and choose Settings, then you can choose “limit results to” some number of rows.

On a recent version you can choose from 300/1000/3000.