SAP Data services integration with SingleStore


We are using SAP Data services to replicate data to SingleStore database. Actually, most of our test is working fine.
But we have found one issue when SAP Data services is trying to make a Delta Load.
When table key is a String the application will use the following syntax

WHERE <COLUMN> = N'Literal'

Here our problem is that SAP Data services does not support natively SingleStore but support MySQL 5.x and MySQL 8.x

Do you have an option that can be specified in order to support such syntax?


Hi Emmanuel! :wave:
Sounds like an interesting project.
Are you running on the managed or self-hosted service and what version number?


Actually, we are making a test on self hosted version and the version is the latest one 7.8.14 using ODBC driver


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Hi Emmanuel!

What ODBC driver are you using; SingleStore ODBC or MySQL?

If MySQL, what version?

Either should work with the connection being in the ODBC manager. Try with the SingleStore ODBC, which supports ANSI and Unicode.

Some tips for SAP Data Services and SingleStore integration with the MySQL connector:

  1. Check out the SQL Mode in the MySQL connector compared to SQL Mode in SingleStore.
  • For example, try setting SAP DS to an ANSI SQL mode and set SQL_MODE= 'ANSI' in SingleStore.
  1. Also, prepared statements need to be avoided in Data Services by setting up the Data Services data source as ODBC (Not MySQL) and turning off PARAMATERIZED SQL in the ODBC Advanced Configuration dialogue.

Hope this helps and please keep us posted. :dizzy:

Hi Maria,

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunatelly, it failes since selecting ODBC instead of MYSQL complain about unknown attribute enum.

ODBC data source <SINGLESTORE_ODBC> error message for operation <SQLGetTypeInfo>: <[ss-1.1.0][7.8.15]Unknown column 'enum' in 'field list'>

I will continue to investigate this.

I forgot to mention that Iā€™m using SingleStore ODBC driver Unicode. That kind of issue does not occured with ANSI driver but we need to use a Unicode driver.

I suspect that SAP Data Services add ā€˜N(String)ā€™ for MySQL database in Unicode. But not sure.