Scaffold-DbContext for Singlestore. (Scaffolding, Reverse Engineering)


Within a .NET 6 API, we would like to scaffold a database into C# objects. You can achieve this with Scaffold-DbContext using a library provided by CData, but this library costs $800 a year. Is there a way to scaffold a Singlestore DB into models and a context using libraries available? I’ve tried the MySql.EntityFrameworkCore method and it just errors out.

Is there another way to integrate Singlestore models into an API? Thank you.

Hi @NetDev! Welcome to SingleStore Forums! I’m a PM at SingleStore focused on connectors. We have done some testing and experienced the same working with MySQL connectors. We are looking into this further and will report back here with any updates.


Hi @jprice ,

Has there been any updates on this front?

CData has managed to figure out how to do it, but it’s sold along with a package they offer.