SingleStore 1.0.1 JDBC ResultsetMetadata returns type name VARSTRING while getColumns returns VARCHAR

JDBC version 1.0.1
Server version 7.6

A table defined as follows
create table TVCHAR ( RNUM integer not null , CVCHAR varchar(32 ) null , SHARD KEY ( RNUM ) ) ;

DatabaseMetadata.getColumns returns a type name of VARCHAR(32).

When a query “select * from TVCHAR” is executed, the ResultsetMetadata returned by the driver describes the column CVCHAR as VARSTRING and not VARCHAR. Would expect a consistent type name from both Resultsets.

Example shown using SQLSquirrel


Try updating your JDBC 1.0.1 driver to more stable version of JDBC or it might be a case that your varchar(32) ‘data’ exceeds its limit so the JDBC interpreted it as VARSTRING . Because JDBC converts the datatype in metadata with results usually when there is something wrong.

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