SingleStore 7.3 Released!

SingleStore is proud to announce its 7.3 release, for SingleStore Managed Service and SingleStore DB. To try it free, visit

Highlights include:

  • the latest Universal Storage features: columnstore as the default, upserts on columnstore tables and support for unique key enforcement for very large INSERT/UPDATE statements (blog, video).
  • developers, check out
    • user-defined session variables
    • JSON_AGG()
    • DDL forwarding (any aggregator can run DDL)
    • vastly improved support for optimizing queries with >> 18-way joins
    • five new ingest features
  • admins, check out
    • backup history and progress tracking
    • ability to check if DR site is caught up with the primary
    • cross-database rebalancing

See the 7.3 Release Notes for further details.


Thank you for all the hard work you put in into this release!

The improved columnstore suits our workload perfectly. We just saved 66% memory (~43 GB) by converting two rowstore tables to columnstore. Reduced server costs and (surprising) increased performance as well. Win-win!


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, @mpskovvang.