SingleStore 7.5 beta released!

SingleStore is proud to announce its 7.5 beta release, for SingleStore Managed Service and SingleStore DB. To try the beta on our managed service go to To install the beta of SingleStore DB, visit

New capabilities include:

  • Universal Storage features: multi-column columnstore keys, unique constraints, and upserts
  • Separation of storage and compute (“Bottomless”)
  • Point-in-Time recovery
  • Lock-free backup
  • First-query runtime speedup
  • New JSON and GUID functions
  • Emojis (utf8mb4)

For the full feature list, see the release notes.


We refreshed the beta release build. The first beta version was 7.5.2. The current one is 7.5.4. If you access the install page via the links above, it will take you to the new version.

We’ve provided an additional refresh of the 7.5 beta, numbered 7.5.5. Using SingleStore tools, you can install it with option:

--version dev:4bcfe9c8-5797-4571-91ae-b25bb32bd20a

By the way, in case you didn’t hear, we shipped the general availability release of 7.5 on July 20th! the GA release build version number is 7.5.6.

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