SingleStore & CentOS Steam 9

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I’m using SingleStore on CentOS 8 but CentOS 8 reached its EOL in 2021-12-31. I tried to setup the CentOS Steam 9 for replacement but I unable to install SingleStore on.

Anyone know, Does CentOS Steam 9 have support Singlestore?

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Welcome to our community cuongbsc! :wave: Glad to have you join us!

What SingleStore version are you trying to install:

  • Managed or self-hosted version?
  • Which version number?


  • CentOS Steam 9 should work but we do not officially support it (if you go with the default Linux kernel is >= 3.10)
  • You can use the RPM deployment method (or TAR if you want more flexibility)

We recommend RedHat/Alma or Debian/Ubuntu because those are established distributions with plenty of packages in their repositories and new (or relatively new) kernels.

Alma has the same packages as CentOs so it can be a good replacement is supported. All of our docker images are now based on Alma.

Our Singlestore version 7.3.6 with HA configuration & running on CentOS 8.
I want to migrate the SingleStore to other OS and then upgrade to latest version.
What’s the best solution for that? Built new the OS then replicate the data to there?

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How about AlmaLinux? is it free?
We can believe it?

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Yes I think the best solution is to migrate to an other OS , build latest SingleStore version and replicate your data.
I would recommend to use BACKUP and RESTORE command to move your data.
AlmaLinux is free , it has regular updates, better for security and reliable linux distribution.

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Can we upgrade the CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux?
It’ll be take time & resource if build new OS/cluster and backup/restore database on

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