Singlestore events

Do we have a change stream in Singlestore? My requirement is to listen to a Singlestore table from a Java program running outside the Singlesrore cluster and be notified on any new Insert/Update/Delete on a particular table?

We don’t support that currently. You could poll the table in question and see if the maximum datetime(6) value in a column had changed. You’d have to make sure your app always put a time value in the column whenever making an update. Check out


in the documentation on time and date types. You can use them to always put in a new timestamp into a datetime(6) field. I don’t recommend TIMESTAMP as a type because it runs out in less than 20 years.

We have feature requests open for CDC out and Triggers. Are you looking for actual CDC or just a notification? And if a notification, what kind of information would it ideally contain?