Singlestore operator


I am trying to get some details on the Singlestore operator. Once this is installed on the cluster, does that allow multitenancy? Also can the operator be installed under specific project/namespace so that its not available under other namespaces? If yes, can you please provide some details on how to achieve it?


The operator can be configured to work in a specific namespace (by setting the WATCH_NAMESPACE environment variable in its container). It can also be told to work only on a specific MemsqlCluster object (with the --cluster-id commandline argument), in case you want to run multiple instances of the operator within the same namespace. I believe this is what we do internally for our managed service - one instance of the operator for each SingleStore DB cluster - in order to keep them fully independent from one another for maintenance and operations.

(caveat: I work for SingleStore, but I do not work on the operator and I’m not on the support team.
Please doublecheck before fully relying on my statements.)

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Thanks for chiming in bstaffin Much appreciated! :pray:

I’d also like to add a few links.

SingleStore is a distributed, scalable SQL database with multiple deployment options. When deploying in containers via kubernetes, SingleStore nodes are housed within individual pods, that communicate with each other over port 3306. You can have SingleStore pods running in a kubernetes cluster with other pods, if this is what you mean by ‘multi-tenancy’ - you would just need to ensure that the cluster is configured properly to allocated to appropriate resources to each pod.

Please note that namespaces/services are higher level kubernetes concepts & are outside of SingleStore’s purview - for more info on namespaces, please see the kubernetes docs.

For information, instructions & best practices on deploying SingleStore to a kubernetes cluster, please refer to our docs

Hope this help and look forward to updates on how it goes for you, Askids! Thanks.