Singlestore Pipeline Error After Upgrade to 8.1.x

We were running SingleStore 7.9.5 in a self-managed cluster before, and everything was working well till we decided to spin up a new cluster with the latest 8.1.x

The pipelines which were running well in the previous clusters, threw an error.

There were two kinds for a single pipeline:

Internal                    1264                              Out of range value for column 'is_holiday'
Internal                     2312                             Out of range value

The above output was from the below SQL query to check pipeline errors

FROM information_schema.PIPELINES_ERRORS
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Could it be on the older version you had the data_conversion_compatibility_level set to a different level than on the new 8.1 version?

The error: “Out of range value for column” in SingleStore typically occurs when an attempt is made to insert a value that is larger than the maximum limit or smaller than the minimum limit of a column’s datatype

In SingleStore version 8.1, the handling of data conversions was extended to include stricter checking of the data conversion by using the global sync variable data_conversion_compatibility_level. This variable controls the way certain data conversions are performed.

If this variable is set to ‘6.0’, you should be able to insert a value that is out of range without any error message, but the actual value will be up or down to the range limit value.

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Hi @mmcelhinney yes, you are correct in our previous database version we had data_conversion_compatibility_level set to 6.0

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'data_conversion_compatibility_level'; -- 6.0

But I dont’ want to make any compromises in the new upgrade, how can we fix the data issue that we have without trying to change this global variable?