SingleStore Spark Connector and Kafka Connector Rebranding

We’ve changed our name from MemSQL to SingleStore, and as a result, we’ve started rebranding our products. The purpose of this post is to inform you that we’ve rebranded both the memsql-spark-connector and memsql-kafka-connector (note the kafka-connector is different from SingleStore Kafka Pipelines, which is unaffected by the rebrand).

Spark Connector
We have rebranded the Spark connector so the packages are now prefixed with singlestore-spark-connector-*, starting in version 3.0.7. You can find the latest version of our connector here, and also on Maven.

The rebranding changes are backward-compatible. For existing users who upgrade to the newly released singlestore package (starting version 3.0.7), you can continue to use the memsql data source options, and so no code changes will be needed. In other words, the usage of singlestore and memsql are interchangeable in your code.

Kafka Connector

We’ve rebranded the Kafka Connector to singlestore-kafka-connector starting in the second production release (version 1.0.1). You can find this connector on the Confluent Hub and in Github.

***If you upgrade from version memsql-kafka-connector 1.0.0 to the rebranded version of singlestore-kafka-connector 1.0.1, you will need to upgrade your connector class’s prefixes. See the following details. ***

Connector Class

Before: com.memsql.kafka.MemSQLSinkConnector
After: com.singlestore.kafka.SingleStoreSinkConnector

Configuration prefix changes

Before: memsql.<configName>
After: singlestore.<configName>

For any questions, please reply to this forum post or open a ticket.