SingleStore Studio date format changed since v3.2.2

Is there a setting for the default date format displayed in SingleStore Studio?

Upon query, TIMESTAMP(6) columns used to be displayed in ISO format, but now they are displayed as “Thu Feb 18 2021 07:55:54 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)”. This is harder to read, takes up more space than necessary, and also excludes milli/microseconds, so omits information.

Any help on setting back the format to ISO will be much appreciated.


Hi @prerak

First of all, thank you for reporting this issue and helping us in making SingleStore Studio a better product.

We did indeed change that behavior in version 3.2.2, however, we are planning to revert that change in the next version of Studio. Most likely it will be done in version 3.2.5 of Studio.

Luis Neves

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Hi @prerak ,
A new version of Studio was released. Studio 3.2.5 addresses the data format you were concerned about.

Yes, I noticed yesterday. Thank you!

Thanks for the great feedback.