SingleStore Studio / MySQL Frontend for Non-root Users

Hey all,

My company plans to offer a service where customers are able to directly query our database for their own analytics / historical data generation, however through a frontend using SingleStore Studio or similar.

The way we’re setup today is as a self-managed SingleStore cluster, with Data API authentication enabled on a (non-master) aggregator, and the IP & port forwarded through a Cloudflare tunnel. This tunnel allows users to query our SingleStore Data API through a subdomain on our site, which has its DNS managed by Cloudflare, then connect to a dedicated mysql username with the appropriate grants (SELECT).

We’d however also like to provide a frontend where they can also type & view results, essentially everything you see in SingleStore Studio without visibility of system information, and without the possibility of making admin changes. Basically all we’d want users to do is be able to type queries
& see results. Does SingleStore Studio allow this?

If not, what would the appropriate terminology be when looking for a 3rd-party “SQL frontend” that allows this visibility through an HTML / PHP / React site? Also any recommendations would be much appreciated!


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the note - sounds like a cool use case! There is no ability to configure SingleStore Studio with a la cart features.

Sounds like you’re looking for general connectivity to the database for non admin users to SELECT data - 3rd-party SQL frontend makes sense. There are a few different ways you can go about serving this data to customers.

First option would be creating a simple frontend (which can be web hosted), and connecting it to the database. Check out this demo from Fathom, build in PHP using our Laravel connector. More information can be found in our docs for connecting SingleStore to app dev tools.

Another option would be to create a database user with the appropriate privileges, and give the credentials to your customers. They could then connect to the DB via CLI or 3rd party SQL tools like DBeaver, MySQL Workbench, etc. More info on connecting to the SingleStoreDB can be found in our docs.