Singlestore Toolbox threads count is more than 500

Singlestore Toolbox threads are not releasing and current count is more than 500. Most of processes looks to be from Feb’22 and stale

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Are you in the cloud or on-prem? Also which version please?

On-Prem and Singlestore is 7.1.6 version and toolbox version is 1.13.5

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Unfortunately, there is not enough information to diagnose this issue. Some steps that you could take that may help mitigate the problem:

  • upgrade to the latest version of singlestoredb-toolbox
  • manually clear the stale processes
  • reboot the hosts.

If you are a current customer, the best course of action would be to generate a cluster report and submit it with a support ticket explaining the issue.

Do note there is JIRA opened for similar issue Log in with Atlassian account

But in our case the threads are available on Master and no the Leaf Nodes.

Also does having so many threads on Master can contribute to Performance degradation