SinglestoreDB 7.8 TTL based data retention


Coming from HBase world and seeing whether Singlestore will solve our use cases. One of the critical use case is to remove the data after a defined period automatically by the database.

I couldn’t find such feature available in singlestoreDB with my limited search, can you please help by letting me know is there a native solution available in singlestoreDB or a round about way to do it?

Subash Kunjupillai

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We don’t have a built-in solution for this, but we can delete data very fast, and we will (in the background) reclaim space for deleted records.

I’d recommend writing a cron job that deletes data older than your time to live (TTL) from each table where you need that. The job can wake up once an hour, once a day, or however often you need.

Thanks Hanson! I would prefer to have this feature to be part of Singlestore as writing custom queries to delete records will have over heads as we have to skim through entire database to find the records to be deleted. If it is part of singlestore natively (like how it is done in HBase), it can optimize the delete far better. May I please know is this part of the product roadmap anytime in near future?

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@subash we’ll consider it for a future release but it’s not committed for any specific time. We’ll keep an eye on it to see how many people want it relative to other features.


Having this built-in would be super useful

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